What are postal boxes?

Postal Box

A postal box also known as a letterbox or collection box is a unique lockable box that is located on the premises of a post office in which members of the public can deposit there on outgoing mail collected by an agent of countries Postal Services. It protects your mail from weather conditions. Postal boxes are usually mounted on the wall of the post office. They are usually made of iron or metal and are found in every town, village, and city.

The benefit of postal box

  1. Security- It provides security to your mail and keeps them secure from weather conditions and other miss happening.
  2. Arrangement- If you go on vaccinations, you don’t need to worry about your mail or arrange your mail.
  3. Online shipments- If you are not at home or on a vacation then you don’t need to worry about your online shipments, they can be kept in a postal box instead of kept at the doorstep.

Types of postal boxes

There are 4 types of postal boxes:-

  1. Lamp box
  2. Pillar-box
  3. Wall box
  4. Ludlow-style wall box

Lamp box

They are the smallest postal boxes that are usually used by Royal Mail in Uk. They were designed to be fixed to lamp posts although they may be found mounted on poles or embedded in walls. They are designed as lamps.


It is a type of free-standing post box that is used to deposit letters for collection by mail. Pillar boxes are attached to a post or set on a wall.

These are usually used at the post office to collect mail. They are of two colors- red and green according to the type of letter/mail

Wall box

They are a type of postal box used for the collection of mail. Wall boxes are free-standing structures that are generally set in the wall or are supported on a girder or other stable structures. Usually used at the workplace and home.

Ludlow-style wall box

The mail-in Ludlow-style wall box is collected by Royal Mail and is built in stone pillars on the wall of buildings and is never found free-standing because they are made of wood.

How to choose a postal box?

According to the place/location, different types of postal boxes are used for example post office has 5 PO Box sizes. There is various size ranging from extra small to extra large.

There are 7 things to keep in mind while choosing a poster box

  1. Location
  2. size
  3. Signage method
  4. Style
  5. Wall preparation.

Qualities of poster box?

Standard-  Suitable for large letters and small parcels. They have an eco score of 4 and require a cost-effective lightweight packaging solution for a range of items.

Custom postal box- Custom postal box are tape-free boxes that are suitable for small parcels and letters but need a strong space-saving solution that keeps postal costs low.

Modular custom postal box- Modular custom poster box with eco score 5. They are highly presentable, robust, and of high-end quality.


A post box also referred to as a pillar box (commonly in India) is an essential thing not only for the community but even for offices and homes They provide security and protection to mails and keep them arranged.

James Allen Vs. Blue Nile Diamonds

diamond comparison

Okay, gem lovers, we just did a piece on Whiteflash diamonds, so let’s compare the James Allen Diamonds and Blue Nile Diamonds, shall we?

Most experts will tell you that there’s no such thing as a girls best friend when it comes to diamond retailers and that it doesn’t matter where you buy the stone but how you select it. But still, for most consumers, customer service, shopping experience, and sales policy mean everything. Consequently, no two diamond retailers are equal, and that sentiment is one that is also echoed on this page:  James Allen vs. Blue Nile.

James Allen

James Allen is the foremost online jewelry store. The website has over 300,000 GIA and AGS certified gems on display. Just type the words “engagement ring” on your browser, and they’ll likely pop up among the search results.

They have an extensive collection of loose gems and fancy colored diamonds. They provide an HD 360 view on all their merchandise so buyers can customize perfect rings easily. Here is how they fare when it comes to the shopping experience, customer service, warranty, and prices.

Shopping experience

James Allen offers most of its jewelry and gems online, with only a few showrooms and store exhibitions. Expect an unmatched shopping experience on the James Allen website. They also have an extensive collection of fancy colored diamonds and loose stones. You will find engagement rings in various styles and settings-all with HD pictures, and360 views with zoom-in features.

James Allen also provides a lifetime upgrade policy. Any loose diamonds bought from the retailer can be swapped at 100 percent credit towards a replacement diamond twice the value. Purchases carry a 30-day money back guarantee with free return shipping. They do not have a buyback plan or price matching plan, though, and buyers cannot return special orders!

Customer service

You can chat via email or speak to James Allen’s customer care desk anytime, anyway. They reply instantly to provide clarification on any issue.

They’ve got good reviews on Trustpilot and other consumer affairs websites.


James Allen provides a lifetime warranty on all their jewelry. The Warranty covers manufacturer’s defects and guarantees free routine maintenance and repairs such as tightening, prong re-tipping, and polishing. But you will have to pay the shipping charges. They also do free cleaning and polishing. However, resizing is covered once, and only for the first year of purchase.

Here’s what someone on YouTube shared about these two brands.


James Allen offers the best price on most of their diamonds. It is impossible to find high-quality diamonds at comparably lower prices. For example, their unique collection, the True Hearts, boasts of the same diamond grades as the Astor collection from the Blue Nile but is priced considerably lower. The price of the Astor collection is $4934, while the True Hearts is $3580.

Blue Nile Diamonds

While James Allen is the leading online jewelry retailer, Blue Nile is also popular to an equal degree. They have huge experience in the gemstone field and are always looking for ways to improve customer service and support. Their merchandise is backed by comprehensive grade reports and a list of characteristics, making it easy to filter and find suitable designs.

Shopping experience

Blue Nile provides a great shopping experience. They have approximately 200,000 stones in varying color grades, carat weights, and clarity. They provide 360 views of their merchandise, but not all of it, plus the picture quality is not superb, and that’s a bummer! However, there is a comprehensive list detailing the characteristics of each ring. For those who prefer reading details rather than relying on visuals, this is a win.

Blue Nile has a 30-day returns policy on their merchandise. However, the policy doesn’t apply to special orders. They also have a buyback plan and a price match guarantee. Upgrades on AGS and GIA certified diamonds are possible.

Customer Service

You can talk to Blue Diamonds help desk anytime any day. They accept online chats and phone calls. However, they don’t respond as fast as James Allen people.

There have also been complaints on the Better Business Bureau websites about the retailer’s credit card program, saying they triple charges on customer accounts without any notification.


Blue Nile offers a lifetime warranty on their diamonds. This warranty covers the manufacturer’s defect. However, routine maintenances, such as tightening and re-polishing, are not covered. You also don’t get free cleaning and inspection services.

In case of routine maintenance, and repair requirements, you will have to ship the diamond yourself. Once Blue Nile receives and assesses it, they’ll notify you of charges.


Blue Nile charges more for its unique diamond collection. Even though GIA and AGS have given it the same grading as James Allen True Hearts, it costs approximately $1200 more.

Okay, now you have an idea of what shopping on each website feels like. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each retailer.

Blue Nile Pros and Cons


  • Experience
  • Buyback program
  • Price match guarantee
  • 360 degree view
  • Massive selection
  • Huge list of diamond characteristics
  • Resizing service for first year



  • The image quality is not superb
  • Bad credit program complaints
  • Return on special orders not acceptable
  • They don’t provide pictures of all their diamonds
  • It’s hard to customize your ring on their website
  • Their warranty is not comprehensive. It doesn’t cover repairs and routine maintenance

James Allen Pros and Cons


  • Great customer care services
  • Excellent shopping experience
  • Low price on their True Hearts collection
  • It’s easy to customize rings on their website
  • Have a wider selection of fancy colored diamonds?
  • HD 360 view on all their merchandise plus zoom-in features
  • Comprehensive warranty covers repairs and regular maintenance too.


  • Returns on special orders are not acceptable.
  • Their collection of popular gem styles is limited.

In Conclusion

Two diamond retailers are never the same. In as much as your ability to select stones is essential, shopping experience and sales policy matter too, and when it comes to these factors, the James Allen retailer rules. They have 100,000 more diamonds than the Blue Nile and provide HD 360 view on all their merchandise with zoom in and filter features so you can find a fitting design, and their warranty is comprehensive to boot. Have fun browsing photos of their precious collections!




Is Whiteflash the Premier Online Diamond Engagement Ring Seller?

wedding ring

Whiteflash Offers The World’s Most Ideal Diamonds

If a person is about to propose to their loved one, they most often search for only the best diamond on the market to use during the proposal. Their engagement will, after all, mark a very important day in their lives. Those on a tight budget often seek out engagement rings fitted with lower quality diamonds, but those who are looking to spend somewhat more on the perfect diamond tend to look for the best diamond they can get for the amount they are able to spend. This is where Whiteflash comes in, a recognized name in the diamond industry, offering some of the highest quality diamonds on the entire planet.

Who is WhiteFlash?

Whiteflash is an exclusive brand of diamonds. The company specializes in selling loose diamonds, as well as jewelry that is fitted with diamonds, with a primary focus on jewelry used during an engagement and a wedding. What makes Whiteflash stand out from other brands is their “A Cut Above” range of diamonds, featuring the highest quality diamonds that are available on the market, each carefully crafted to provide the customer with an exquisite rock, fitted in the perfect piece of jewelry.

whiteflash diamonds

The Benefits Of Buying From Whiteflash

There are many benefits that a customer is able to obtain when they choose to buy their diamonds loose or fitted in a setting from Whiteflash. Apart from the fact that the brand features the original “A Cut Above” diamond collection, the customer also gains access to the following benefits:

  • Each diamond sold by Whiteflash, whether loose or fitted in a piece of jewelry, comes with an official certification from the American Gem Society. The American Gem Society is one of the most trusted diamond grading laboratories in existence; thus the customer can be rest assured that the qualities presented on the certificate are very accurate.
  • Whiteflash offers the world’s only triple ideal cut diamonds. These diamonds outmatch the majority of diamonds offered by competitive brands of diamonds and diamond jewelry; thus making Whiteflash the go-to brand for individuals looking to buy the perfect diamond, fitted in the perfect jewelry setting.
  • In addition to their collection of loose diamonds, Whiteflash also offers a range of jewelry that is fitted with one of their exclusive diamonds. While the brand primarily focuses on engagement and wedding jewelry, they also offer a range of fine jewelry for everyday use and special occasions – these include diamond earrings, diamond pendants and diamond bracelets.
  • Whiteflash has an education department on their website that offers extensive information about diamonds, the different qualities involved in the grading process of a diamond and other essential information that helps the customer make a more informed decision.

Additionally, Whiteflash pays close attention to the four C’s of their diamonds. These include the cut, color, carat weight and clarity of each diamond. If a particular diamond does not meet their minimum requirements, the diamond is disregarded.

The Drawbacks Of Buying From Whiteflash

Whiteflash pays close attention to the qualities of every diamond they stock – whether they sell the diamond loose or fit it into a piece of jewelry. This leaves little room for potential drawbacks. The most significant drawback that some customers may face when considering Whiteflash as their source for buying diamond jewelry is the fact that their diamonds are often more expensive than diamonds that can be purchased at competing brands. This is due to the fact that Whiteflash only focuses on supplying their customers with the top quality diamonds to be found on the market.


Whiteflash offers a large variety of diamonds, as well as jewelry that is fitted with top-quality diamonds. The company is home to the original “A Cut Above Diamond” collection, offering specially-crafted diamonds that have gone through strict grading procedures at one of the top gemological institutes within the United States.


Why Have Your Wedding in Milwaukee?

whiteflash diamonds

Have you found your significant other and are all ready to spend the rest of your life with them? Our congratulations and best wishes for you two but we want you to know that things can get pretty weird at some points of your love life and you might feel like giving up on each other. Out of these grim moments of your love life, deciding where to get married and what kind of ceremony to have can probably be the most tormenting one.

Despite you and your other half’s deepened sense of love and understanding of each other, quite unarguably, you can disagree on the most basic decisions of your wedding ceremony. Things can get pretty rough when you both plan to have a destination wedding without having any idea of which place is the best for you two to make vows of your new life.

A Tour of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you want to avoid such mishaps in your relationship and anticipate your wedding planning to go without all the hassle, we suggest you to choose everyone’s most favorite wedding spot, Milwaukee, to get married.

This beautifully serene city in the United States is everyone’s most preferred wedding spot currently and, even when the outbreak of COVID-19 has paused the life for a little while, we can guarantee that couple are going to run towards Milwaukee to celebrate their unison once this all is over. While there are a variety of reasons that can convince you to choose this city as your wedding venue, here are some of the most obvious ones:

  • The travel and venue options here are budget-friendly
  • You can easily find a variety of individual wedding planners as well as agencies to take all the headache of making your wedding a dream affair
  • The photographers automatically burst out in creativity in this city because of its picturesque landscapes for you to have a shoot of a lifetime.

Where all of these amazing points have their own value, the climate of this place is the most convincing point for anyone who is still confused about booking their wedding flights to this city.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of the moderate climate of Milwaukee city that answer why they should choose it as their wedding destination right away.  This city’s weather is perfect enough to arrange ceremonies throughout the year

Thanks to the city’s geographical location, you can plan your wedding ceremony here any time of the year. While the summer and spring weddings have their own charm, winter weddings are a sight to behold if they are taking place in Milwaukee.

In fact, the St James 1868 Event Venue is the perfect place to start your search.  Check them out at the above link.

Variety of foods

If you are experimental kind of a couple and want your wedding buffet to have something other

than the regular fish and meat dishes, then Milwaukee is the answer. The city has a wide range of food options to offer throughout the year and this makes it entirely possible to order whatever you want for your wedding luncheon and dinners.

These are just few of the reasons why couples from all over the world choose Milwaukee as the destination for their weddings.

The Florida Starter Kit


Moving from one house to another is a tricky business and as well as time consuming. If you are moving from a different state, things get even tougher because you have to re-register with all the government agencies of the new state, change your addresses, update your crucial information and shifting your belongings itself. This can easily turn your life upside down if you are not well prepared. To help you save the trouble, if you find yourself moving in Florida, follow these tips.

Start by packing your stuff

The foundations of any move starts by you packing your belongings. To make things easier, carefully buy the boxes that you’ll be using to put your possessions in. For large things, buy large boxes and for small things, use small boxes. Anything that isn’t fragile and can fix in a small box can be easily put in without worry. However if you have fragile stuff, then you need to make sure you mark the boxes properly before setting them in.

One of the biggest packing mistakes people make is that they do not sort the stuff out before packing. This leaves to a lot of confusion and you may end up losing some stuff back home. So make sure that you properly sort stuff out before you put them in boxes. For example, small items should be separated from big items and fragile stuff should be separated from hard stuff.

Deciding where to love

Florida is the most populous southeastern state in the United States. This means that it boasts a number of different lifestyles and cultures. If you belong to any different culture than American, you should ideally look for places to settle down where you can find everything related to your culture. There are many communities in the state itself that has people from various cultural diversities living in small towns.

Next you should choose the kind of lifestyle you want to live in when you are in Florida. As mentioned above, the state has many different kinds of lifestyles available to choose from. For example, if you love bright lights and beaches, there are areas that are near the beaches of Florida that boast a lifestyle ideal for a family who loves to reach out to the beach. There are even places that have high street shopping malls nearby, so if you enjoy shopping a lot, try to find a locality nearby.

If you are more of a quiet loving family, then you can have better luck with countryside areas of Florida which are famous for their serene and calm environment away from the hustle and bustle of the main cities and beaches. You can find various resorts here, schools, and even many different recreation facilities that will keep you and your family happy for the rest of your life.

Just make sure when you are moving, you are well prepared and ready to go through the essential things that come with moving such as changing your address and getting registered with local bodies.