What are postal boxes?

Postal Box

A postal box also known as a letterbox or collection box is a unique lockable box that is located on the premises of a post office in which members of the public can deposit there on outgoing mail collected by an agent of countries Postal Services. It protects your mail from weather conditions. Postal boxes are usually mounted on the wall of the post office. They are usually made of iron or metal and are found in every town, village, and city.

The benefit of postal box

  1. Security- It provides security to your mail and keeps them secure from weather conditions and other miss happening.
  2. Arrangement- If you go on vaccinations, you don’t need to worry about your mail or arrange your mail.
  3. Online shipments- If you are not at home or on a vacation then you don’t need to worry about your online shipments, they can be kept in a postal box instead of kept at the doorstep.

Types of postal boxes

There are 4 types of postal boxes:-

  1. Lamp box
  2. Pillar-box
  3. Wall box
  4. Ludlow-style wall box

Lamp box

They are the smallest postal boxes that are usually used by Royal Mail in Uk. They were designed to be fixed to lamp posts although they may be found mounted on poles or embedded in walls. They are designed as lamps.


It is a type of free-standing post box that is used to deposit letters for collection by mail. Pillar boxes are attached to a post or set on a wall.

These are usually used at the post office to collect mail. They are of two colors- red and green according to the type of letter/mail

Wall box

They are a type of postal box used for the collection of mail. Wall boxes are free-standing structures that are generally set in the wall or are supported on a girder or other stable structures. Usually used at the workplace and home.

Ludlow-style wall box

The mail-in Ludlow-style wall box is collected by Royal Mail and is built in stone pillars on the wall of buildings and is never found free-standing because they are made of wood.

How to choose a postal box?

According to the place/location, different types of postal boxes are used for example post office has 5 PO Box sizes. There is various size ranging from extra small to extra large.

There are 7 things to keep in mind while choosing a poster box

  1. Location
  2. size
  3. Signage method
  4. Style
  5. Wall preparation.

Qualities of poster box?

Standard-  Suitable for large letters and small parcels. They have an eco score of 4 and require a cost-effective lightweight packaging solution for a range of items.

Custom postal box- Custom postal box are tape-free boxes that are suitable for small parcels and letters but need a strong space-saving solution that keeps postal costs low.

Modular custom postal box- Modular custom poster box with eco score 5. They are highly presentable, robust, and of high-end quality.


A post box also referred to as a pillar box (commonly in India) is an essential thing not only for the community but even for offices and homes They provide security and protection to mails and keep them arranged.



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